One faith, one church

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how christians should live

we should live the same like the first christians without any churches in unity. that s the spirit of the bible when you take it from alpha to omega. the twelves watched over the christian set of believes not to dispart.


you are believing that is gods will? write to lauermatthias1[at], we should organize ourselves to get strong


I ve kept a short eye on a website I ve just discovered

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Prayers for Peace – End of WW2 in Germany

Today I ll attend a prayer for peace at a local church building. I am really looking forward to, hope we ll include Ukrainia. 🙂

Bring the girls back home – What matters to me

I just heard about this via a friend – About 214 girls have been raped (Die Welt, german newspaper), how sad –
I just wanna post some links (news)

But there are still girls been missing…

1. May 2015

Dear Readers,

it is the first May in 2015 (MET) here in Germany and I don t know what is for you. Maybe Labour day, I won t attend any demonstrations, because I am living in a small town where nobody demonstrates.

When I think of this world today I think of these many churches (imho still a scandal) and if Jesus will find me at labour or sleeping. (This refers to a parable in the bible I just searched but did not find the chapter or verse on

I wish you all a blessed day with Jesus the Lord


Hello world!

Hello World! I am dreaming of one christian Jesus church awaiting the recoming King. In the muslim world there is the dream of one umma, too and i can t imagine why there isn t any equivalent in the christian churches in my times too. Hope someone reads this,

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